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Q950 Floorstanding Speaker


Flagship two-and-a-half-way floorstander

With a big bass driver, twin ABRs and Uni-Q driver array the Q950 floorstander can deliver music and cinema in full effect.

Pairing KEF's signature Uni-Q midrange and treble driver with a 200mm (8 inches) long-throw bass driver and two matching ABRs brings high resolution sound with extraordinary depth and clarity.

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Magnetic grilles sold separately.

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SKU Q950
Product Features
With a big bass driver, twin ABRs and Uni-Q driver array the Q950 floorstander can deliver music and cinema in full effect.
"Sit anywhere" Uni-Q sound
The Uni-Q driver array places the tweeter in the centre of the midrange and bass cone, bringing the acoustic ideal of a single point source closer than ever. The result, enhanced by KEF's 'tangerine' waveguide over the tweeter, is a more accurate three-dimensional sound that's dispersed evenly throughout the room.
KEF Q Series Uni-Q Driver Array
Tweaking the tweeter
With the addition of the damped tweeter loading tube providing a gentle termination of sound produced from the back of the tweeter, lower treble performance is improved dramatically and a new low-distortion inductor on the crossover provides cleaner bass.
KEF Q Series tweeter upgrades
A word about drums and bass
The Q Series reproduces the nuances of bass instruments with ease. With a larger roll surround and new suspension KEF drivers produce cleaner bass at high volumes.

A new cone structure improves midrange clarity and an enhanced Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) with a new surround and rear suspension enhances bass quality.

KEF Q Series bass drivers
New system design
Putting the Uni-Q driver in its own sealed cabinet reduces the load on the cone and increases clarity and detail while delivering cleaner bass. Midrange clarity is enhanced by driver improvements that mean the DC blocking capacitor to be eliminated from the crossover, allowing a more natural roll-off between drivers.
KEF Q Series Cabinet
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Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent speakers for a good price.
    Cristal clear sound, deep bass, full-bodied, open, powerfull. I use them with an integrated amplifier Harman Kardon HK970. My Best Buy in recent years.
    Enjoy listening.

    Review by

    Posted on

  2. Musical Nirvana
    I am an economically constrained audiophile. That is to say that I can recognize good quality sound but my purchasing is restricted by my financial limitations.
    This is the very first time that you will see a review of this amplifier paired with these particular speakers anywhere.
    Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    And what a gamble it was.....and I hit the jackpot!
    I have been on the hunt for a nice stereo system since I was 21 years of age.
    At 67, I can unreservedly state that I have finally achieved auditory Nirvana!
    Oh! Where do I begin?......
    The NAD C388 is rated for a conservative continuous power output of 150 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms of impedance. Whilst the KEF Q950 speakers are a perfect match, rated for an amplifier between 15 and 200 Watts. My newly acquired speakers have finally met and married the perfect amplifier.

    Those who are in the market for, or already own this remarkable amplifier have no idea what lies in wait for them, until they pair it up with these wonderfully capable speakers. These KEF Q950s are worth every hard earned penny I have expended on them.

    The rich velvet-smooth bass (from what reviews that I have read, the lack of bass is a common but incorrect complaint of the NAD C388 Amplifier. It just requires good speakers) and soprano type treble and the alto like mid range conspire to give you a musical experience that is heavenly.
    In fact bass and treble had to be turned down to “flat” and the now utterly redundant sub woofer, disconnected!
    I can without reservation, absolutely recommend the marriage between a NAD C388 Amplifier and a set of KEF Q950 English speakers.
    If you like me, love listening to distortion free music of any type at any volume, look no further.

    Audiophile membership without busting your budget

    Ranjit. S.

    Review by

    Posted on

  3. Worth the investment
    After years of satisfaction with my vintage EPI 360's, it was time to update.
    After considerable reviews and listening rooms, the Q950's were selected.
    The separation, and wide dispersion brings the subtle nuances within the music to notice.
    Well worth my time and money.

    Review by

    Posted on

  4. These speakers will give you an enjoyable time of listening.
    It replaced the old Q70 ( Made in England) that I enjoyed for many years. Q950 has a more solid and deeper bass. The midrange sounds so natural. All the improvements that was claimed by this speakers are true to the sound that it produce. You'll be immerse in the emotion of the music that you love to listen. Don't take my words for it, give it a try yourself. Happy listening

    Review by

    Posted on

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Model Q950 Floorstanding Speaker
Design Two and a half-way bass reflex
Drive Units 200mm (8in.) aluminium Uni-Q
38mm (1.5in.)vented aluminium dome HF
200mm (8in.) aluminium LF
2 x 200mm (8in.)aluminium ABR
Frequency Range Free Field (-6dB) 38Hz
Frequency Response (±3dB) 44Hz-28kHz
Crossover Frequency 2.2kHz
Amplifier Requirements 15-200W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91dB
Maximum Output 113dB
Nominal Impedance 8Ω (min.3.2Ω)
Weight 20.6kg (45.4 lbs)
Dimension (H X W X D) 1062mm (41.81 inches) x 244mm (9.60 inches) x 328mm (12.91 inches)
Dimension (H X W X D) *with Plynths 1116mm (43.93 inches) x 357mm (14.05 inches) x 328mm (12.91 inches)

** KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE. **

Press and Awards
 KEF Q Series Q950 Hi-Def Digest
Q950 Loudspeaker Review - Hi-Def Digest
"I adore the Q950 towers. They are, quite honestly, the best KEF Q Series speakers ever made, blending clear, transparent vocal tones and room-pressurizing bass. They destroy the capabilities of the old iQ9 towers and should receive an honorary membership to the KEF R Series because they sound a lot more expensive than $1,800/pair.”
Year: 2018
Magazine / Issuing Body: Hi-Def Digest
Country of Publication: United States
Product: Q950 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

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