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Legacy Products

This section contains information for KEF legacy products manufactured since 1961.
Information on all our current models is available on the main page.

Product Series Models
200 Series 203, 204
300 Series 301, 302, 303.2, 303.3, 304.2, 303.3, 304.3
304, 303
Automotive Series Automotive Series GT and KAR
Automotive Series KAR models
C Series C10, C20, C30, C40, C40D, C42, C60, C80
C15, C25, C35, C45, C55, C65, C75, C85, C95, C200SW
Cadence Capella, Capella II, Chorus, Crescendo, Cadence
Cadenza Cadenza
Calinda Calinda
Cantata Cantata
Cantata KIT
Group 4 Cantata
Cantor Cantor
Cantor II
Cantor III
Capella Capella, Capella II
Caprice Caprice II
Caprice SP1043
Caprice SP1104
Cara Cara, Cara Compact
Carina Carina
Carina Carina II
Carlton Carlton
Carlton II
Carlton III
Celeste Celeste II
Celeste III
Celeste IV
Portable Celeste
Chorale Chorale
Chorale III
Chorus Capella, Capella II, Chorus, Crescendo, Cadence
Coda Coda
Coda 7, Coda 8, Coda 9
Coda 70, Coda 80, Coda 90
Coda 7SE, Coda 9.2, Coda 10, Coda C, Code S
Coda II
Coda III
Coda IV, Coda V
Concerto Concerto
Concerto 1, Concerto 2
Concerto II
Concord Concord
Concord III
Concord IV
Constructor Series Constructor Series CS1 - CS9
Corelli Corelli
Crescendo Capella, Capella II, Chorus, Crescendo, Cadence
Cresta Cresta
Cresta 1, Cresta 2, Cresta 3, Cresta C
Cresta 10, Cresta 20c, Cresta 30
Cresta III
Cresta Mk II
Custom Series Custom Series 1990s
Custom Series 2000s
Custom Series CR200F, CR250SW, CR160F, CR160Q
Duette Duette deLuxe
Duette Standard
iQ Series iQ1, iQ2C, iQ3, iQ5, iQ5SE, iQ6C, iQ7, iQ7SE, iQ8DS, iQ9
iQ10, iQ30, iQ50, iQ60c, iQ70, iQ90
K Series K120, K140, K160
K1 Series K1 Baffle
K1 Monitor
K1 Slimline
K2 Series K2 Baffle
K2 Celeste
K2 Slimline
KEFKIT KEFkit 60, 80, 90
KHT KHT 60S, 80C, 30B, 55S, 20B
KHT Model 25B, Model 35B
KHT5005, KHT1005
KIT KIT100, KIT200
LS50 LS50 Brochure
LS50 Manual
LS50 Information Sheet
LS50 White Paper
LS50 Product Drawing
LS50 DWG File
LS50 DXF File
LS50 Wireless LS50 Brochure
LS50 Wireless Brochure
LS50 Wireless Information Sheet
LS50 Wireless Quick Start Guide
LS50 Wireless FAQ
IP Driver Control and IR Commands Guide
LS5/1A BBC Monitor LS5/1A
Monitor Series Monitor Series Models RDM1, RDM2, RDM3
Professional Series Professional Series Model KM1
Professional Series Model P60
Porsche Design MOTIONE ONE Quick Start Guide
SPACE ONE Wireless Owner's Manual
GRAVITY ONE Quick Start Guide
Q Series Q1, Q2DS, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6C, Q7, Q8S, Q9C, Q10C, Q11, Q COMPACT
Q10, Q30, Q50, Q70
Q15, Q35, Q55, Q65, Q65SE, Q75, Q95C, MODEL 65DS
Q15.2, Q35.2, Q55.5, Q65.2, Q75.2, Q85S, Q95C.2
Q60, Q80, Q90
Q100, Q200c, Q300, Q400b, Q500, Q600c, Q700, Q800ds, Q900
Reference 104aB KIT
Reference Series Model 101
Reference Series Model 101/2
Reference Series Model 101/3
Reference Series Model 102
Reference Series Model 102/2
Reference Series Model 103
Reference Series Model 103.2
Reference Series Model 103/3
Reference Series Model 103/4
Reference Series Model 104
Reference Series Model 104/2
Reference Series Model 104AB
Reference Series Model 105
Reference Series Model 105.2
Reference Series Model 105.4
Reference Series Model 105/3
Reference Series Model 107
Reference Series Model 107/2
Reference Series Model 109
Reference Series Model 200C
Reference Series Model 5/1AC
Reference Series Model 70S, Model 40B
Reference Series Model 90, Model 100
Reference Series Model LS3/5A
Reference Series Models 201, 202C, 203, 204C, 205, 206DS, 207
Reference Series Models AV1, AV2, AV3
Reference Series Models One, Two, Three, Four
Reference Series Models One~Two, Two~Two, Three~Two, Four~Two
Reference Series Models TDM23F, TDM23C, TDM34DS, TDM45B
R Series R900, R700, R500, R300, R100, R50, R600c, R200c, R50
Subwoofers PSW1000, PSW2000, PSW3000, PSW4000, PSW5000
PSW1000.2, 2010, 3500, 1150, 21500, HTB2
X Series X300A, X300A Wireless
XQ Series XQ1, XQ2c, XQ3, XQ5