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With design cues from the latest flat-screen televisions, KEF’s soundbar speakers combine elegant style with cutting-edge, 5.1 home theater sound. First, the HTF7003 houses an advanced, three-way driver array within a slender black enclosure. Harnessing a three-channel configuration, two 50mm bass drivers sit next to a 19mm aluminum tweeter, which outclasses a center channel setup in both power and accuracy. The slim speaker design is tailored to fit above or below televisions that measure 32” and larger, blending seamlessly into a home theater system. When it comes to hi-fi audio, tonal balance is crucial. The HTF7003 produces the full frequency range in impeccable detail, without exaggerating any part of the spectrum. These are soundbar speakers, made sophisticated.

For an even more formidable option, KEF’s HTF8003 soundbar delivers added punch through a 75mm LF/MF driver, a 15mm HF driver, and a 75mm Auxiliary Bass Radiator for extended low-end response. Arrayed in the same three-way configuration, both the HTF7003 and HTF8003 harness KEF’s Uni-Q driver technology, which situates the tweeter at the acoustic center of the LF/MF cone. This produces audio in a single point source, so that the full sonic image is dispersed consistently throughout a room. No more leaning towards the television to hear quiet dialogue, and no more rewinding to decipher a pivotal scene. Designed to accompany flat-panel televisions sized 42” or larger, the HTF8003 can easily mount against a wall or rest on a table stand. With a high-gloss black finish and an elegant frame, the HTF7003 and HTF8003 offer a rare combination of stunning audio quality and dashing style.

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