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Reference Series Model 105.4 (1980-84)
In response to the demand for a loudspeaker system with the performance of Model 105.2 but in a smaller package, KEF introduced Model 105.4.
This new system followed the same basic design philosophy of the 105.2, but with a more compact bass enclosure comprising two 8” bextrene coned bass drivers in place of the single 12” unit, and the new T33 fabric domed tweeter in place of the melinex domed T52. The result was a system that had the essence of the 105.2 sound, its tonal neutrality and pin point stereo imaging, but at the expense of a slight loss in bass extension.
Consistent with the 105.2, it included S-Stop protection circuitry, a peak level indicator to warn of amplifier clipping, and all production systems benefited from KEF’s Reference methodology which matched the response of every system to within 1dB of the design reference, with each pair to within 0.5dB of each other.    
Specification: Model 105.4
System Type: Three-way, floor standing
Enclosure type: Closed box
Size: 93.6 x 35 x 38cm (37 x 13.75 x 15 inches)
Weight: 22kg (45 lb)
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Rated maximum power: 200W programme
Amplifier Requirements: 40-200 watts per channel into 8 ohms
Frequency response: 55-20,000Hz +/-2dB at 2m on design axis
Sensitivity: 86dB at 1m for a pink noise input of 1W, anechoic conditions
Maximum output: 108dB on programme peaks under typical listening conditions
Finishes:  Walnut, teak, rosewood and black ash veneers
Grille: Black cloth
System: SP1120
Drive units: 2 x B200 bass unit (SP1076), B110 midrange unit (SP1057), T33 tweeter (SP1074)
Crossover:  SP1129, SP1130 and SP1142 (later SP1129 and SP2013)