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Duette Standard (1965-66)
The Duette represented an entirely new approach to loudspeaker design containing many outstanding technical advances. It was the utility version of the Duette deLuxe, with a standard design of cabinet and grille.
The B139 bass driver and T15 tweeter were incorporated with a seven element printed circuit board crossover network in a cabinet of optimum size to give good reproduction over the full audio spectrum. The bass reproduction was impressive from such a small enclosure. Organ pedal notes and the bass instruments of the orchestra being brought out with amazing clarity and weight, due to the special electrical compensation provided to offset the effects of cabinet diffraction. This was another KEF exclusivity – no other domestic high fidelity speaker incorporated this feature at the time.
Great care was taken with the tonal balance of the mid range to ensure naturalness whilst the very high frequencies were radiated without noticeable directional effects or stridency. The sound from the Duette could only be matched by the biggest and most elaborate systems.
The cabinet was finished in selected hardwood veneers with a choice of American Walnut or Teak with the coffee fleck grille.
Specification: Duette Standard
System type: Two-way, floor standing
Enclosure type: Closed box
Size: 24 x 15 x 9.5 inches (610 x 381 x 241 mm)
Weight: 48 lb (21.8kg)
Input Impedance: 15 ohms
Maximum input power: 15W rms, 30W peak
System resonance: 45Hz
Frequency range: 30-20,000Hz
Input connections: terminals
Drive units: B139 bass unit (A6171), T15 tweeter (A6236)