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KIT100, KIT200
KIT100 (2003-07)
Responding to the need for easy to install and easy to use surround sound systems, KEF conceived the KIT100. It was a combined DVD player, AV amplifier and sub-sat speaker package all in one. The key innovation, however, was the quasi surround effect created from just two speakers positioned at the front of the room, with no need for speakers and cables behind the listener.
The two satellite loudspeaker assemblies, positioned to the left and right of the screen, each comprised a front mounted 100mm (4”) Uni-Q array, which reproduced the left, right and (phantom) centre channels as normal. Behind each Uni-Q, however, was an edge-on NXT flat-panel radiator, operating as a ‘dipole’, and radiating the surround channel information diffusely into the room so that it appeared to come from all around rather than directly from the speakers. This novel acoustical technique allows a convincing surround effect from loudspeakers at the front of the room only.
With a matching subwoofer and comprehensive AV processing and input/output facilities, this one-stop solution to home cinema has proved very popular in a growing sector of the market.
KIT200 (2005-07)
KIT200 was based on the same DVD head unit and subwoofer of the KIT100 but comprised a full 5.1 speaker system. The satellite speaker was the same as that from the KHT5005 system, and the subwoofer contained an extra amplifier channel to drive the dedicated centre speaker.
Specification: KIT100 satellite speakers
System type: Two-way, desk/stand-mount
Enclosure type: Closed box
Drive Units: 100mm (4”) Uni-Q array with 14mm (0.6”) tweeter
NXT flat panel array
Magnetically shielded
Dimensions (H x W x D): 237 x 119 x 260mm (9.33 x 4.7 x 10.23 inches)
Finish: Stardust Silver
Cabinets: Die-cast aluminium
Specification: KIT100 subwoofer
System type: Powered subwoofer
Enclosure type: Closed box
Drive Unit: 250mm (10”) long throw
Amplifiers: 5 x high power amplifier channels for subwoofer and main speakers
Finish: Stardust Silver
Dimensions (H x W x D): 398 x 176 x 515mm (15.6 x 6.9 x 20.3 inches)
Specification: KIT100 DVD
Formats supported: DVD, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, CD, CDR/RW, MP3 encoded CD
Tuner section: AM/FM with RDS facility (Europe only)
Audio inputs: Cable/satellite, VCR, TV (analogue and optical digital)
Audio output: Optical digital
Video inputs: Cable/satellite, VCR (S-video & composite)
Video outputs: Scart (Europe only), Component with progressive scan, S-Video, Composite
Aerial inputs: FM & AM (provided)
Cabinet material: Die cast zinc
Finish: Stardust Silver
Display: Mirror finish, blue VFD display with auto-dim function
Control: Infra-red remote control
Dimensions (H x W x D): 59 x 324 x 262mm (2.32 x 12.75 x 10.31 inches)
System: SP3431