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KEF Innovation
KEF was founded on innovation and new technology. We are recognised in the history of loudspeaker development as one of the most important contributors and a great deal of our research has been published at well respected professional institutions, including the Audio Engineering Society and the Institute of Acoustics. KEF's research legacy includes contributions from some of the greatest and most respected loudspeaker designers of the last five decades. Today, KEF are the company to beat in computer analysis of loudspeakers. The software that we use to run our analyse is also used to power eighty-five percent of the world's supercomputers. We strive always to better understand the instruments that we design and manufacture.

Technology with purpose


Whether you are in the centre of the room or off to one side, recordings sound uncannily real and utterly convincing. Learn More >


A new class of drive unit, of high acoustic performance and extremely compact dimensions. Learn More >


The tiny holes in the porous ACE material act like the small air sacks in a lung by absorbing and giving out air molecules. Learn More >


KEF's wireless system is completely different. Learn More >


Big sound now comes in small packages. SST eliminates the unwanted noise created by turbulent airflow around the tweeter. Learn More >


KEF's innovative Selecta-Mount system gives you the freedom to place the loudspeakers whether you want. Learn More >

Bass Extender

Innovative base gives better bass. The opportunity to get the very best from the speaker without compromising the slim, elegant appearance. Learn More >

Single Apparent Source

The bass drivers are placed on both sides of the loudspeakers in force cancelling pairs. Learn More >