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Custom Series 2000s
The Custom Series was progressively developed and expanded through the 2000s with a range of products for the main install applications. The range extended from systems based on full-range drivers to Reference quality multi-way systems, in round and square bezels. The advantages of Uni-Q technology in this application were readily audible with the 'conically symmetrical' dispersion pattern that lacked the audible interference effects of systems with separated midrange and treble drivers.
Ci130.2FR and Ci130.2F (2004-10)
130mm(5.25”) full range driver system
Ci130.2QR and Ci130.2QS (2001-10)
130mm (5.25”) two-way Uni-Q system
Ci160.2FR and Ci160.2FS (2001-10)
160mm(6.25”) full range driver system
Ci160.2QR and Ci160.2QS (2001-10)
160mm(6.25”) two-way Uni-Q system
Ci200.2QR and Ci200.2QS (2002-07)
200mm(8”) two-way Uni-Q system
Ci200.2QT (2002-07)
200mm(8”) motorised Two-way Uni-Q system
Ci1000 (2001-04)
Reference quality 165mm (6.5”) two-way Uni-Q system
Ci1500 (2001-04)
Reference quality three-way system with a 165mm (6.5”) bass driver and a 165mm (6.5”) Uni-Q array.