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Reference Series Model 103/3 (1986-93)
Reference Series Model 103/3 (1986-93)
Improving on the redoubtable Model 103.2 was no easy task, for this compact and refined two-way loudspeaker, much admired for its accuracy, ruggedness and consistency, had enjoyed great popularity among domestic and professional users for many years. But technology and techniques advance steadily, and the 103-sized performance package had been considerably improved.
Model 103/3 was a three-way system incorporating KEF’s unique coupled cavity bass loading method, and its own version of the KEF KUBE low-level equaliser. The combination of these two design elements provides unusually extended low frequency response and exceptional power handling.
Specification: Model 103/3
System Type: Three-way, stand-mount
Enclosure type: Coupled cavity
Size: 575 x 265 x 317mm (22.6 x 10.4 x 12.5 inches)
Weight: 17kg (37.5 lb)
Nominal Impedance: 4ohms resistive (20Hz-20kHz)
Rated maximum power: 200W programme (into 4 ohms)
Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz +/-2dB at 2m on reference axis (-6dB at 35Hz, Q=0.5)
Sensitivity: 92dB at 1m on reference axis for a pink noise input of 2.83V (anechoic conditions)
Maximum output: 110dB on programme peaks under typical listening conditions
System: SP3078
Drive units: B160 bass unit (SP1217), B160 midrange unit (SP1218 - later replaced by SP1222), T33 tweeter (SP1210)
Crossover: SP2086