On the heels of their succesful 2015 release Wonder Days, and with an incredibly loyal world-wide fanbase that has been rocking out to their brilliant music for twenty-five years, Thunder is currently in the studio recording their eleventh studio album.

Guitarist/keyboardist Ben Matthews took time out from enjoying the Welsh countryside and laying tracks in world famous Rockfield Studio to chat with us about rock & roll, the band, and a few other things.    

In This Episode:

  • &#8226 Thunder - Wonder Days
  • &#8226 Queen Night At the Opera
  • &#8226 Recording at Rockfield in Wales
  • &#8226 Surviving cancer
  • &#8226 Methods of writing, recording and producing
  • &#8226 Bruce Springsteen in concert


 The view that inspired one of rock and roll's greatest lyrics.


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