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Masters of Sound: Industry Veteran Chuck Macak Talks About Sound and Music

Chuck Macak is a 30-year veteran of recording and producing music and has worked with such acts as White Lion, Fleshold, Cyclone Temple and Crowbar, as well as many young musicians who went on to form some of today’s top acts–Dan Donegan of Disturbed, Sean Glass and Tim King of Soil, and Josey Scott of Saliva. Chuck sat down with us to discuss the state of the business today and his love of pure sound.

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Masters of Sound: Ken Andrews Discusses the New Failure Album

We connected with Ken Andrews to discuss their fifth album entitled. In the Future Your Body Will Be the Furthest Thing From Your Mind which dropped mid-November. Andrews is a busy guy: He produces and mixes for artists including Nine Inch Nails, Beck and Pete Yorn (to name a few), and has even edited music videos such as Tool’s famous Prison Sex. Ken decided to mix/master this latest release, and was kind enough to answer some burning questions on this epic new album.

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DJ Low Freak and LS50W

"From the moment I ran audio through these it was like realizing that you had been looking through binoculars that were out of focus."

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LS50s Take On the Mastering Studio

The mastering engineer is a specialist with finely tuned ears who can hear things most of us mere audio-mortals can’t. But without the work of the mastering engineer, things like volume and equalization wouldn’t be consistent, and problems with the final mix and production would greatly diminish the listening experience for all of us.

On May 23rd I had the pleasure, as part of KEF’s partnership with professionals in the audio production field, to listen to a pair of LS50’s in a mastering studio in New York City run by a multi-Grammy® Award winning mastering engineer. We’ll talk more about him and his studio another time, but I was too blown away by how the LS50’s held their own yesterday to wait!

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