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Tag 'Revolution'
The Resurgence Of Vinyl From A Human Point-of-View

In the last twenty years if you wanted to own a business with flat growth in the best of years and steeply declining revenue in every other year, you would have owned a record pressing plant. That's why by the dawn of this century there were only half a dozen or so pressing plants in the US cranking out vinyl for DJs and the occasional nostalgia piece.

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Essential Downloads: The Beatles

Even cheap mp3s on iTunes cost money, and it can be daunting to a financially challenged music fan to build a library of music that they’re really only curious about and not sure about just yet. In the Essential Download Series, we’ll take a look at groundbreaking and influential artists from each of music’s three classical ages and give you a place to start your own exploration of their music. In today's installment we take a look at the essential Beatles downloads every library should start with.

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