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Nominal Impedance

When it comes to the Impedance specification, 'nominal' is the key word.

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Maximum Output

Understanding the Specs: Maximum Output tells us how loud a loudspeaker can play. 

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Distortion - The Science Behind the Noise

When you’re scoping out new equipment for your audio system, these three types of distortion are often the overlooked culprits that can give you a bad listening experience. This is the reason buying quality components makes a huge difference in how your music sounds.

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Damping Factor Explained

Damping Factor is an important - and often misunderstood - amplifier spec that most definitely affects the sound of your audio system.

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Why Our Relationship to Music Matters

Music listened to on as a good a system as you can afford is a quality experience that has meaning. Meaning that will stay with you your entire life. Convenience has always been the biggest enemy of experience, and that holds true more than ever for our music.

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Did You Hear That? - Led Zeppelin - Black Country Woman

A rogue airplane scraps a track from an album only to be saved three years later to fill out a double-album. The story of Led Zeppelin's Black Country Woman.

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