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Sensurround: A Startling New Multi-Dimensional Film Experience!

In a world where the movie spectacle is king, movie studios are constantly looking for ways to fill the local multiplex. Sensurround was one new technology that didn't last long, but foreever changed the way we listen to movies.

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How To Connect Your Subwoofer

Some easy-to-follow tips for connecting your subwoofer to your AV receiver.

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A Brief History of Surround Sound

You could win a bar bet by knowing that Quadraphonic sound (surround-sound as we call it now) first became available in 1969. In 1970, RCA Records released Quad-8 tapes which were 8-Track tapes that played discrete quadraphonic sound. If you played them on a standard stereo 8-Track you would only get half the sound, so this lack of backward compatibility meant you had to buy a specific Quad-8 player. Again, expensive with not a lot of demand. Quad-8 tapes were available until 1978, but demand was never strong.

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