Since its release last winter, the LS50W Active Music has set the audio world on fire with it goose-bump-inducing soundstage and sonic capabilities, winning numerous awards and a legion of fans along the way. But with a series of updates over the past few months the LS50W is now an even more powerful and flexible active music system.


Here’s a look at the ways you can easily enjoy music like never before:


Roon: An amazingly versatile and powerful playback engine from your desktop or server with whole house capabilities that also boasts fileRoon+KEF and library management like you’ve never seen before. The LS50W is now integrated fully with Roon for an experience you have to hear to believe. (via network connection)

 Spotify Connect & LS50W

Spotify: With a Premium account you can now stream virtually every song you could imagine directly to your LS50W at up to 320kbps. (via network connection)

Tidal: High resolution streaming (that also integrates seamlessly with your Roon account) that gives you the ultimate in wireless resolutionTidal & LS50W. (streaming via LS50W app)


Prefer to connect directly from your source via USB? That’s fine with us – use the ‘PC’ input on the LS50W.


Bluetooth + LS50W

Don’t have a Spotify Premium account or want to use another platform like iTunes? No worries. Connect via Bluetooth and enjoy CD-quality resolution with the ease of a standard Bluetooth connection.


Want to use your LS50W’s with your television, because, well, those built-in TV speakers are atrocious? Capital idea! Just use the Optical input on the LS50W and enjoy the sound of your favorite programs for a change. If you’re still playing all of those CDs you bought, connect your CD player via the Optical connection for 96k/24-bit resolution. (When using LS50W with a TV, be sure to connect your source’s audio output to PCM for two-channel operation)


You say your turntable is you go-to audio device, followed closely by your cassette deck? Connect the LS50W via the standard RCA jack AUX inputs and analog away! (Depending on your turntable, you may need a phono pre-amp for the LS50W. Consult your turntables user guide for more information)



The LS50W is truly a game-changer.