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SPACE ONE Wireless

CA $ 499.99

SPACE ONE Wireless brings Bluetooth connectivity to the Red Dot Best of the Best award winning SPACE ONE headphones. Onboard Active Noise Cancellation specially tuned to preserve Hi-Fi integrity creates an ideal environment for savouring musical nuances everywhere, and refreshed Porsche Design styling imbues a more powerful presence.

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Product Features

Iconic design meets exceptional acoustics

Two world-renowned brands, Porsche Design, known for iconic design and KEF, acclaimed for exceptional British acoustics, have joined together to deliver an uncompromisingly luxurious Hi-Fi sound space. Red Dot Award winning Porsche Design Sound brings music with you everywhere, on business trips, in boardrooms and at home. Always accompanied by high-style and high fidelity.

Noise cancelled, sound undistorted

KEF's specially tuned Active Noise Cancellation eliminates external noises without affecting the nuances and details that bring music to life, preserving crisp high tones, rich midrange and tight bass for total musical enjoyment. Precision audio engineering encompassing all parts of the headphones make music sound vibrant, while endowing it with a crispness and spaciousness that sounds as if it is being played live. A soft and breathable memory foam ear-cup seals out outside sound, creating the perfect listening environment even when on the move.

Active Noise Cancellation can be switched on and off as needed, so that in situations where you need to hear your surroundings you can.
KEF Porsche Space One Noise Cancelling Headphones
KEF Porsche Space One HiFi Headphones High fidelity tuning

40mm drivers tuned by KEF engineers, together with a large 20mm neodymium magnet and lightweight CCAW voice coil deliver crisp high tones, rich midrange and tight bass.
Switchable active cancellation
Active Noise Cancellation can be switched on and off as needed, so that in situations where you need to hear your surroundings you can.

Make and Receive Calls
Pick up calls with the push of a button, and make them just as easily with easily reached controls.

Sweat resistant materialsSoft, sweat resistant, padded leatherette band and ear cups make listening to music comfortable even over long journeys.

Aluminium band
The aluminium band clamps gently and securely around the ears to create a solid seal for improved acoustic isolation.

KEF Porsche Design Space One Noise Cancelling Headphone Functions.

In The Box
• SPACE ONE WIRELESS • Carrying case • Accessory pouch • Audio mic cable • Airline adapter • USB charging cable

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Customer Reviews

  1. Space Wonderful
    I'll start by saying I'm not an audiophile, but I've owned/tried many mid range over ear headphones. I upgraded to the space one from the Audio-Technical ATH M50 and Pro700 MK2.

    I wasn't necessarily looking for bluetooth, but I wasn't going to say no. Here's my take on the Space one

    SOUND: 7/10 (Bluetooth) 8.5/10 (Wired)
    These headphones sound great both wired and wireless, my complaint with the bluetooth is that it wasn't anywhere as loud as it needed to be on my mobile device. This could be hardware limitations but I have a pretty recent smartphone and I still found myself having to go over 75% to get decent volume. My laptop was much better, 50% was all I needed.

    That being said, the wired quality is where these headphones really shine. More experienced listeners than me will probably have a more nuanced take, but these headphones do all genres of music justice. The vocals and stringed instruments stand out, as doess the low end bass on hip hop and electronic songs. I haven't found a genre that these are lacking in yet. I also find that they have a very wide sound stage, I compared them to the Bose QC and Sony MDRX 1000 (Not the newer WH model) and found those models had muddy bass and the mids and vocals did not shine as much.

    ANC: 6.5/10
    It's nowhere near as good as what Bose and Sony have to offer unfortunately. That being said it works very well on my commute on the subway and it's amazing to block out some of the white noise at home and listen at much lower volumes. The 6.5 seems low, but I would rank the Bose and Sony at 8 and 7.5 respectively. The ANC on these definitely works, but it's far from best in class. I believe the tradeoff in improved sound quality over the Bose and Sony headsets is worth a small loss in ANC efficacy.

    USABILITY 9/10
    This is the most important part of the headphone experience after sound quality. Who cares if it sounds good if I can't wear it for 4+ hours without strain. I'm happy to report these headphones are extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

    There is no pinch on the headband or excessive pressure on the ear cups. You may have to play with the fit to get full ear coverage given the more oval shape of the cups, but it's no major issue.

    The buttons are well thought out and intuitive to use, play/fastforward/rewind functions work smoothly and make clicking through a playlist effortless. The pause button also supports voice entry for Siri etc.

    Battery life is absolutely amazing, I'm able to get through 3-4 days of consistent use (both ANC and bluetooth on) before the battery gets to low. The bluetooth connection is lightning fast, I wish Android would include bluetooth battery information like my iPhone does.

    These are gorgeous, the aluminum is a great touch and feels very sophisticated. At this price point I wish genuine leather was present, but the memory foam pleather is very comfortable and not sweaty. The cups rotate inward so you can put them in the case, but they do not fold like Beats or some other brands.

    The packaging honestly blew me a way, the case is gorgeous and you receive two aux cables, an airline adapter, a USB to charge the cable (type A). The hard case that comes with the headphones is also pretty quality.

    I think the ear cups could be larger, granted I have huge ears but still. I would also like to see an improved mic with some noise cancellation (this may be a necessary cost savings for the amazing sound quality).

    I think the ANC can be improved, and the headphones could be made more foldable.

    I wouldn't mind a blacked out version, and a longer USB cable but at this point I'm just nitpicking.

    My first purchase from KEF, the customer support was very helpful in answering some questions I had before my purchase. I called the toll free number and actually got a human being! Shipping was lightning fast and free, the product is quality. What more can you ask for? I look forward to buying more items from KEF in the future.

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Model Porsche Design - SPACE ONE WIRELESS
Type Circumaural headphone / Around-ear headphone
Driver 40mm
Frequency Response 20-20kHz
Sensitivity 94dB
Impedance 16Ohm
Bluetooth 4.1 with Qualcomm® aptX™
Bluetooth Power Class 2
Bluetooth Range 10m
Bluetooth Frequency 2.40GHz-2.48GHz
Battery Type Li-Ion Rechargable
Usage Time 25hrs (BT on + ANC on)
32hrs (BT on + ANC off)
100hrs (ANC on + BT off)
Power Input DC 5V 600mA
Weight 330g
Unit Measurement Piece
Dimension (H x W x D) 195 x 170 x 82mm

* KEF reserve the right, in line with continuous research and development, to amend or change specifications without prior notice. E. & O.E


Press and Awards
KEF Porsche SPACEONE Wireless Review Home Business Magazine Online
SPACEONE Wireless Review
“You will be thankful for these onboard active noise cancellation headphones when you need to relax and rest during long flights for business! A winner of the Red Dot Best of the Best award, these wireless headphones preserve Hi-Fi integrity and feature ultra sleek, Porsche Design styling. They will be an instant favorite for long days in the office when you want to zone into your fave tunes while answering emails or when listening to a business podcast."
Year: 2018
Magazine / Issuing Body: Home Business Magazine Online
Country of Publication: United States
Product: Porsche Design SPACEONE Wireless

KEF Porsche SPACEONE Wireless Review Gear Patrol
SPACEONE Wireless Review
“I’m a firm believer that consumer tech you use every day is a reflection of yourself, and if you want to be different than most other people wearing Bose’s and Sony’s headphones, these Space One Wireless are excellent and good looking [Active Noise Cancelling] headphones that you probably won’t see many other people wearing. Which is cool."
Year: 2018
Magazine / Issuing Body: Gear Patrol
Country of Publication: United States
Product: Porsche Design SPACEONE Wireless

KEF Porsche SPACEONE Wireless Entertainment Today Review
SPACEONE Wireless Review
“After sound quality, the wireless feature is the second best feature of the Space One Wireless. The headphones synch up quickly. After a little wireless easy skanking around the room, I felt confident that the Space One Wireless Headphones would be a welcome friend on my trip [...] the Space Ones seem a bit more compact than either the Bose or Beats wireless offerings.."
Year: 2017
Magazine / Issuing Body: Entertainment Today
Country of Publication: United States
Product: Porsche Design SPACEONE Wireless
Porsche Design Space One Wireless Open In New Window

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