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R11 is the flagship of the new R Series range. Boasting four 165mm (6 in.) hybrid aluminium bass drivers, R11 digs deep and retrieves an exceptionally clean and musical low-end performance. Nestled in the centre of these lies the new 12th generation Uni-Q driver array. The 125mm (5 in.) midrange driver and 25mm (1 in.) aluminium dome tweeter combine to deliver an even more natural midrange and treble than believed possible at this price point. The result is a speaker that can pick out the softest details with grace and refinement, as well as deliver raw power and strength.

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Product Features
Uni-Q Driver Array

Developed by KEF in 1988, the Uni-Q driver array acts as a single point source, providing pristine sound across a wider area. The R Series benefits from a new incarnation of this driver array, with advantages over its predecessors that include a new midrange motor system that drastically reduces distortion.

Air moving across the minute gaps between Uni-Q’s separate elements creates tiny resonances, but KEF engineers have reduced the impact of these necessary gaps by opening a cavity behind the drivers and adding resonance-absorbing damping material for more precise, purer treble.
KEF R11 Uni-Q Driver Technology
KEF R11 Shadow Flare Technology Shadow Flare

Derived from the Reference Series, the Shadow Flare reduces harmful cabinet diffraction and allows the Uni-Q to work at its highest level.

More than just a trim ring, Shadow flare is a precision-designed surface that extends the waveguide effect of Uni-Q. The tweeter no longer has line of sight of the cabinet edges, creating a ‘shadow region’ at the points where the potential for diffraction is highest, minimising the acoustic impact to negligible levels.

The result is improved clarity, particularly when it comes to the subtle nuances of plucked strings and percussive sounds.
Low Frequency Drivers

The R Series’ dedicated low-frequency drivers have a two-part structure, where a shallow concave aluminium skin sits atop a paper cone. This adds stiffness, while the cone’s unique geometry reduces resonances and delivers the pistonic movement that makes these drivers time so well.

The new drivers also have a completely redesigned magnet system that creates a more even magnetic field, and a design of spider that reduces harmonic distortion for a cleaner, more precise sound.
KEF R11 Low Frequency Bass Drivers
KEF R11 Low Frequency Bass Drivers Cabinet Bracing

The R Series benefits from Constrained Layer Damping bracing originally developed for the multiple award-winning LS50, and a new internal bracing layout. This combination brings the R Series closer to the internal structure of the Reference Series, and helps it deliver music as it is supposed to sound, without any unwanted extras.
Flexible Port Technology

KEF engineers computer-modeled the ideal crossover networks before exhaustively auditioning every high grade component, individually and together, to select those with the lowest distortion and the smoothest response. Perfectionism takes time, but the difference is plain to hear. Nothing is overlooked - Reference crossovers are even mounted on separate boards and decoupled from the cabinet walls to minimize vibration and crosstalk.
KEF R11 Low Frequency Bass Drivers
KEF R11 Lifestyle Image
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Customer Reviews

  1. Elegant and all-in-one system
    Looks- This is hands down most beautiful speakers ever. Slim but the presence in a room is noticable and heavy too. There is a reason for being heavy because KEF put good stuff in there.

    Sound- Great as stereo and so perfect that "you feel" there is a center channel, like you are in a concert. Some songs just blow your mind listening through it, like picking up details and gives you a headphone effect, for eg: Sicko mode by Travis & Drake. I listen to all genres except Hard rock and Country, so no comments on those, everything else it's amazing!

    Loudness: I think you only need small amps to drive it because it's sensitive. I'm driving with a Denon av receiver, 105 watts per channel in stereo. If you calibrate through audessey and level up at 75db, you only have to go beyond 50% if you are having a party. I have never gone beyond 65% in fact because my house shakes with these stereo speakers. Great bass!

    Price: First I though it's expensive with the specs in the sheet. But I was mistaken by it's real world performance. You cannot get such performing speakers for this price PERIOD

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  2. Fantastic Sound
    My KEF 107/2 at 28 years old needed alot of attention. I decided they needed to go to a new home where they could be rebuilt. As a lover of the KEF sound I called a friend who also is a KEF person told him my plans he told me listen to the R11's. With the situation could not go to his house or store to listen. Took his recommendation and ordered the R11. Wow just as I stated and he told me they are fantastic meet all my criteria. Clean clear sound voices and tight natural base nothing added and nothing missing! Just a point about my wife first impression she said to me "why do you have the center channel on." I showed I did NOT the image they create is spot on. I set the up according to instruction both toed in at angle equal to the ten ft spread. Don't miss out by not hearing them. My wife and I play music all day absolutely no listening fatigue! And the blacks are really sharp! All looks are cool.

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  3. These are Excellent speakers.
    The Kef R11 is a significant upgrade to almost any system. Clear sound, tight vocals, and flat balanced bass response. These speakers are perfectly poised for music and movies. I compared them to B&W and the new Martin Logan Motion XTi 60. It was a tough decision because the sound quality of all three is exceptional. I was leaning towards the Logans however made a decision base on the bass response. The only small complaint is that they sound muffled on low volume. You have to crank the capacity to get them to perform — otherwise, great speakers.

    While I tend to be frugal with my spending, these speakers are work of art and worth the price.

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  4. .
    I love this sound. It’s different, in a good way.
    Not a rock speaker ‘ but that’s okay, I’m not into loud rock. It’s more like a Van Morrison speaker.
    Really nice with vocals, and Jazz.
    The only complaint is the gloss black had bubbles,but they where returned no questions asked. Also good with blue’s music.
    Good clean bass.

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Model R11
Design Three-way bass reflex
Drive Units Uni-Q Driver Array:
HF: 25mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome
MF: 125mm (5in.) aluminium cone
Bass Driver:
LF: 4 x 165mm (6.5in.) hybrid aluminium
Crossover frequency 400Hz, 2.9kHz
Frequency range (-6dB)
Typical in-room bass response (-6dB)
30Hz - 50kHz
Frequency response (±3dB) 46Hz - 28kHz
Harmonic distortion (90dB, 1m) <0.3% 0.3% 120Hz - 20kHz
Maximum output 113dB
Amplifier power (recommended) 15 - 300W
Nominal Impedance 8Ω (min.3.2Ω)
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 90dB
Weight * 37.7 kg (83.1 lbs.)
Dimension (H x W x D)
with terminal *
1249 x 200 x 383.5 mm
(49.2 x 7.9 x 15.1 in.)
Dimension (H x W x D)
with terminal with Plinth *
1295.5 x 310.6 x 383.5 mm
(51 x 12.2 x 15.1 in.)
Finishes Black Gloss / White Gloss / Walnut

* Measurement per unit

** KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE. **

Press and Awards
 KEF RSeries 2018 R11 The Absolute sound Review
“Pleasing presence – sonically and aesthetically – remarkable realism and inter-driver coherence, high value in cost-to-performance arena…there’s a lot to love about the R11’s.”
Year: 2019
Magazine / Issuing Body: the abso!ute sound
Country of Publication: United States
Product: R11 Floorstanding Loudspeaker
 R11 The Absolute sound Review KEF RSeries 2018

 KEF R2018 R11 EISA Best High-End Speaker
Best High-End Speaker 2019-2020
KEF has been making great speakers for almost 60 years, but it’s hit a new high in style, performance and value with the new R Series. The R11 brings together all the elements of that success, from the latest generation coaxial Uni-Q driver for superb imaging and focus, anodised to match the choice of premium cabinet finishes, through to the clever microperforated grilles, which solve the old ‘on or off’ problem. The result is a slender speaker capable of a big, rich, room-filling sound packed with detail and delivering superb musical involvement, and with the style to ensure it looks every bit as impressive as it sounds.
Year: 2019
Magazine / Issuing Body: EISA
Country of Publication: United Kingdom
Product: R11 Floorstanding Loudspeaker
EISA Best High-End Speaker KEF R2018 R11

 KEF R Series 2018 R11 Soundstage Hifi Review
Recommended Reference Component
“KEF’s R Series R11 speaker impressed the heck out of me. First, it’s nice to look at -- a pretty speaker of first-class fit and finish, and color-coordinated from top to bottom. Second, it’s chock full of cutting-edge technological innovation: e.g., the 12th generation of KEF’s Uni-Q driver, Shadow Flare diffraction control, and flexible port linings. But none of that would matter without the third thing: the R11 sounds even better than it looks.”
Year: 2019
Magazine / Issuing Body: SoundStage! Hi-Fi
Country of Publication: United States
Product: R11 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

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