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KEF works diligently to ensure our entire product line available in your local area and we proudly choose only the best retailers to showcase and sell KEF products. Their knowledge and integrity are proven by their years of experience in the audio industry and we are delighted to have each and every one of them as our partners.

KEF currently has over 300 authorized retail partner locations. We have also carefully selected a small group of KEF AUTHORIZED ONLINE RETAILERS to sell genuine new KEF products. These sites are known for their excellence in customer service and stellar reputation as on online retailers.

They are:

Magnolia AV

Crutchfield (B-Stock, Refurbished Goods and Discontinued New Products)


KEF has also Authorized the following retailers to sell authentic KEF products on Amazon Market Place:

KEF Direct Store


Ebay Warning!

KEF does not authorize any sellers to sell KEF product on eBay. All says of KEF product on eBay will be considered unauthorized and will not have a KEF warranty. 

We wish to WARN OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS: Many websites of questionable integrity often misrepresent themselves as authorized KEF online dealers.
The warranty on KEF products is only VALID if the product has been purchased from an authorized dealer. Unauthorized online sellers often illegally remove or deface the original factory serial numbers, which voids the warranty. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT AND YOUR WARRANTY: Ensure your KEF product is GENUINE and new by only purchasing from an authorized KEF retail store / e-tailer.

If you have questions about an online retailer selling KEF products please feel free to contact us here or call 732-683-2356.


Beware of Credit Card Fraud. Protect Your KEF Warranty. The list below is consistently being updated and we may not have every unauthorized retailer listed.

Note:  The following online companies are not authorized to sell KEF products.

Unauthorized Retailers:
  • Adorama
  • AMI Ventures
  • Audio6996
  • AudiophileLiquidator
  • AV Science
  • AVLiquidator
  • awardpedia
  • BeachAudio
  • bestofaudio
  • Concealed Audio
  • DependableAudioVideo
  • Designer Audio Video
  • EchoandOptics
  • digitalcraze
  • Electronica Direct
  • elegant Audio Video
  • Elistinka
  • extremeliquidator
  • HDTVdreams
  • Hi-End-Wholesale
  • Highfidelitystore
  • Home Theater Design and Installation
  • Joe's AV
  • JustElectronics
  • Katerno
  • LCDandmore
  • Lethal Sounds
  • Massdrop
  • Moderndecor
  • mydigitaluniverse
  • new audio united
  • nothingbutsoftware
  • NYLAExpress
  • oneclickmx
  • parkavenuedigital
  • Pavilion Electronics
  • PowerSellerNYC
  • save-on-audio
  • samtechonline
  • SavingLots MIGDirect
  • shoppingcabin
  • soundapproach
  • SpeakersAndSubs
  • TechForLess
  • UniversalLCD
  • USA Tube Audio
  • vivedecor
Unauthorized Amazon Market Place Reseller:
  • Audio Discounters
  • Audio Video Sales Guy
  • Buy Full HD
  • Crazy Talk
  • Crazy Tiger
  • Entegron
  • Low Voltage Pro
  • Microplus
  • Moe's AV
  • Province Electric Supply
  • Receiver Guy
  • Sticky the Skunk Productions
  • Highend Audio 4 U