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The best home theater speakers envelop you in sound, so that you lose yourself in the hi-fi experience. To help achieve this, KEF’s dipole, center channel, floorstanding, and flagship hi-fi models work together to create fully immersive listening. With twin driver arrays replicating frequencies out of phase, KEF dipole speakers like the R800ds create an uncanny effect that adds sonic breadth to a surround sound system. Meanwhile, quality center channels like the R600c make a huge difference in discerning film dialogue and quiet musical passages, while also improving the overall stereo field.

For a more traditional shape, KEF’s Reference series offers floorstanding speakers with a magnificent soundstage. On a modest scale, the Reference 3 uses only two bass drivers and a Uni-Q array to achieve outputs up to 113.5 dB. Housed in a taller enclosure, the Reference 5 boasts four bass drivers and a Uni-Q array, with a vented aluminum tweeter to round out the high end. Quality and power, with a smart wood finish. Our flagship hi-fi speakers pack incredible functionality in artfully sculpted designs. Crafted from high-grade aluminum, the Muon combines brawny LF drivers and a Uni-Q MF/HF array in a four-way configuration, with added ACE (Acoustic Compliance Enhancement) technology. With a like profile, the Blade and Blade Two wield four dually opposed force cancelling recreating sound in a truly three dimensional single point source. Finally, for a slimmed-down approach, KEF’s T series is among the world’s thinnest hi-fi speakers, either hung on a wall or placed on stands.

At KEF, our ideal home theater speakers fuse pristine sound, inspired architecture, and cutting-edge technology in an unrivaled package. We invite you to explore our full range of hi-fi speaker separates.

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  1. MUON
    CA $ 299,999.99
  2. KEF Blade TWO
    CA $ 31,999.99
  3. KEF Blade
    CA $ 39,999.99
  4. KUBE 8b Subwoofer
    Available Soon
    CA $ 699.99
  5. KUBE 10b Subwoofer
    Available Soon
    CA $ 849.99
  6. KUBE 12b Subwoofer
    Available Soon
    CA $ 1,099.99
  7. Ci5160REF-THX
    CA $ 11,999.99
  8. R3
    CA $ 2,799.99
  9. R2c
    CA $ 1,599.99
  10. R5
    CA $ 1,999.99
  11. R7
    CA $ 2,699.99
  12. R11
    CA $ 3,499.99
  13. R8a
    CA $ 1,699.99
  14. LS50 Meta
    CA $ 1,999.99
  15. LS50c Meta Center Channel
    Available Soon
    CA $ 1,199.99
  16. KC62
    CA $ 1,999.99
Grid List

36 Items

Set Descending Direction