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Reference Series Model 200C (1995-99)
The Reference Series Model 200C followed on from the huge success of the Model 100 - which established Uni-Q technology at the heart of premium home theatre systems. With its broad and uniform dispersion pattern, the point source Uni-Q array ensured that listeners seated away from the central position would still hear clear and intelligible dialogue that was routed to the centre of the screen.
Model 200C took the performance of centre speakers up to a new level, being a three- way system with two 165mm (6.5 inch) bass drivers in a closed-box bass section, crossing over to the Uni-Q array at 400Hz. The response of the speaker was purposefully designed to be flat when mounted on a TV, thereby eliminating the tendency of most centre speakers which is to sound coloured in the lower midrange.
The use of Reference Series components guaranteed that the sound quality was of the highest level and more than capable of working as part of a matched home theatre system with other speakers in the range. With a dark grey enclosure, black grille-cloth and curved side panels it perfectly complemented the appearance of the high performance video equipment of the time.
Specification: Model 200C
System type: Three-way, TV/shelf-mount
Enclosure type: Closed box
Dimensions (H x W x D): 174 x 760 x 169mm (6.9 x 29.9 x 6.7 inches)
Weight: 11kg (24.2 lb)
Nominal impedance: 4ohms
Amplifier requirements: 30-200W
Frequency range: 55Hz to 20kHz +/-3.0dB at 2m on reference axis
Sensitivity: 90dB at 1m/2.83V (anechoic conditions)
Maximum output: 115dB on programme peaks under typical listening conditions
System: SP3234
Drive units: B160 bass/midrange unit (SP1373), B160 midrange unit (SP1317), NT25 tweeter (SP1353)
Crossover: SP2247