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Reference Series Model 109, 'The Maidstone' (1997-2000)
Model 109 was the result of a desire to produce a new high-end system with pure sonic performance as the prime objective. The design was a mixture of proven sophisticated techniques, such as the four-way format with high slope crossovers, developed in the 105/3 and Model 4, together with conceptually simple but strikingly effective elements such as the low distortion, direct radiating bass section.
The modular concept echoed the groundbreaking Model 105 from 1977, with each section dedicated to optimum performance in its specific operating range. The bass section illustrated the no-compromise approach with a single 380mm (15”) unit in a simple but highly effective reflex enclosure. The rigid paper cone, short coil/long gap motor system and double suspension allowed clean output even at the highest levels. A similar approach was taken with the 250mm (10”) lower midrange section – although dedicated to only a small part of the audio spectrum (100 to 400Hz) it formed a critical role in integrating the whole system to allow the bass and midrange drivers to concentrate on doing what they are best at and to maintain an even energy balance across the whole audio spectrum.
The Uni-Q was a development of the tried and tested Reference Series array with cast chassis for greater strength and stability and the combined tri-modular cabinet formed a solid, inert structure that simply allowed the music to flow.
A separate ceramic domed super-tweeter, designated ST109, was available as an optional upgrade.
Specification: Model 109
System type: Four-way, floor standing
Enclosure type: Reflex
Size: 1188 x 600 x 671mm (46.8 x 23.6 x 26.4 inches)
Weight: 87kg (191.4 lbs)
Nominal Impedance: 4ohms
Amplifier requirements: 50-400W
Frequency response: 35Hz to 20kHz +/-3dB at 2m on reference axis (-6dB at 30Hz)
Sensitivity: 91dB at 1m/2.83V (anechoic conditions)
Maximum output: 118dB on programme peaks under typical listening conditions
Finish: Rosewood
System: SP3293
Drive units: 380mm (15”) bass unit (SP1405), 250mm(10”) lower midrange unit (SP1406), B160 midrange unit (SP1415), NT25 tweeter (SP1414)
Crossover: SP2296 and 2297