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Reference Series Model 103/4 (1992-95)
Model 103/4 was a floor standing loudspeaker system incorporating the most advanced acoustic techniques. A three-way system, the 103/4 employed four drive units, had a very high sensitivity, high output capability, and an outstanding power handling capacity. Its versatility and bass performance could be further enhanced by the use of the optional KUBE 200 active equaliser.  
Model 103/4 combined the latest type 160_25 Uni-Q driver array, with its superior definition and stereo imaging, with dual coupled cavity bass loading and conjugate load matching to produce a system of commendable performance for its size.
Specification: Model 103/4
System Type: Three-way, floor standing
Enclosure type: Coupled cavity
Dimensions (H x W x D): 900 x 215 x 305mm (35.5 x 8.5 x 12 inches)
Weight: 18.1kg (40 lb)
Nominal impedance: 4ohms
Amplifier requirements: 50-200W (into 4 ohms)
Frequency range: 50Hz to 20kHz  +/-2.5dB at 2m on reference axis (-6dB at 38Hz)
Sensitivity: 91dB at 1m on reference axis for a pink noise input of 2.83V (anechoic conditions)
Maximum output: 112dB on programme peaks under typical listening conditions
System: SP3131
Drive units: 2 x B160 bass unit (SP1275), B160 midrange unit (SP1278), NT25 tweeter (SP1353)
Crossover: SP2175
System: SP3166 (magnetically shielded)
Drive units: 2 x B160 bass unit (SP1311), B160 midrange unit (SP1314), NT25 tweeter (SP1353)