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Automotive Series KAR models
The KEF Automotive Series was revised in 1996 with a new range of component units and dividing networks, including two Uni-Q bass/midrange arrays.
KAR110M: 110mm (4.5”) bass/midrange unit.
KAR160M: 160mm (6.5”) bass/midrange unit
KAR160B: 160mm (6.5”) sub/bass unit
KAR200B: 200mm (8”) sub/bass unit
KAR250B: 250mm (10”) sub/bass unit)
KAR19U: 19mm (0.75”) tweeter
KAR25U: 25mm (1”) tweeter
KAR690Q: 204x130mm (8x5”) Uni-Q bass/midrange array
KAR160Q: 160mm (6.5”) Uni-Q bass/midrange array
KX3: two-way dividing network at 2.5/3.3kHz
KX7: two-way dividing network at 120/150kHz