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Automotive Series GT models
The KEF Automotive Series was launched in 1985 with two alternatives for the person seeking ‘real’ in-car hi-fi. Both made a serious attempt to provide an even frequency balance in the vicinity of the driver’s head, when mounted either in door panels or rear window shelf, using the company’s unparalleled experience in controlling loudspeaker directivity.
The GT100 was a two-way plate system comprising a 114mm (4.5”) bass driver and 25mm (1”) soft domed tweeter.
The GT200 was a three-way system that combined the GT100 with rear enclosure and extra filtering with a coupled cavity subwoofer derived from technology developed for the Reference Series Model 104/2.
Automotive Series KAR models
The KEF Automotive Series expanded in 1987 with the arrival of the KAR range of drivers and dividing networks. The 19F and 19S were added in 1989.
KAR110: 110mm (4.5”) bass/midrange unit.
KAR200SW: Coupled-cavity subwoofer
KAR33F:  Flush mount 25mm (1”) tweeter
KAR33A:  Angle mount 25mm (1”) tweeter
KAR19S: Surface mount 19mm (0.75”) tweeter
KAR19F: Flush mount 19mm (0.75”) tweeter
KDN10: two-way dividing network at 250Hz
KDN20: two-way dividing network at 2.5kHz
KDN30: three-way dividing network at 250Hz, 2.5kHz