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KEF's 105/3 loudspeakers featuring second-generation Uni-Q technology, were voted 'Best Imported Speaker' by the Japanese press in 1992. That same year the company came under new ownership when the company was purchased by Gold Peak and a fresh chapter of excellence and innovation began, adding further lustre to KEF's impressive reputation.
In 1993 KEF made waves in the home theatre market with the introduction of the Model 100 centre speaker which, despite its premium price tag, developed a strong following amongst serious consumers who appreciated the clear benefits of Uni-Q's superior dispersion characteristics. The following year KEF was one of the first companies to release a THX approved home theatre system - a high-end subwoofer/satellite concept with vertically directional front speakers and dipole surrounds it was revolutionary for its time. As the 1990s progressed, new ranges of sleekly styled but affordable designs were introduced, including the Q Series speaker range, the 60S/80C/30B home theatre system and the award-winning Coda 7 loudspeaker.
KEF's visionary founder, Raymond Cooke, sadly passed away in 1995. However, he left the company with firm guiding principles encapsulated in his core values of 'Quality, Honesty, Dedication and Innovation'. That same year the Reference Series Model Four, with its fourth-generation Uni-Q drive unit it attracted worldwide acclaim and numerous plaudits from the industry press. Stereophile magazine's chief reviewer noted that it was 'the best I've had in my listening room', while Hi-Fi News dubbed it 'KEF's best yet'. Two years later, the next generation Q Series and the new Monitor Series were introduced – both outstanding testaments to Cooke’s legacy.
As the home theatre market developed through the late 1990s KEF's engineers set to work on the next generation of affordable, high performance subwoofer/satellite systems. The result was the KHT2005 system released in 2001, featuring the iconic 'egg' shaped satellite. The high quality feel of the cast aluminium enclosure, coupled with the superior acoustic performance of Uni-Q, set new standards in its class and it dominated this ultra competitive market for several years.