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Understanding the Specs
Crossover Frequency

Crossover frequency tells us how many crossover networks there are where the frequency cut-off to each driver is.

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Nominal Impedance

When it comes to the Impedance specification, 'nominal' is the key word.

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Maximum Output

Understanding the Specs: Maximum Output tells us how loud a loudspeaker can play. 

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Recommended Amplifier Power

Understanding the Specs: Recommended Amplifier Power tells us the minimum needed to move the voice coil and the maximum allowable power before over-excursion occurs. But there is more to this spec than meets the eye.

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Harmonic Distortion and THD

Understanding the Specs: THD tells us the ratio between SPL and the total harmonic power that is present.

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Frequency Range and Frequency Response

Understanding the Specs: Frequency Range and Frequency Response are not exactly the same thing, although both specs do measure what frequencies a speaker is capable of producing.

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