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Dear Record Labels: Believe It Or Not Music Fans Like Music That Sounds Good

We live in an amazing age of technology and music, but why are our choices so limited when it comes to enjoying high-resolution lossless digital music and the magic of vinyl?

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How the CD Killed the Album

The format is dead, but what exactly killed the album? It might just be that streaming and dowloading didn't kill the album. It might have been something else.

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Essential Downloads: Stevie Wonder

You’ve heard Stevie Wonder’s music all of your life – and in fact, it is a complete part of your life – but here’s the ten seminal recordings you really need to have in your library.

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Essential Downloads: Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is the vocalist and pop star by which every other is measured. If you were born after the mid-50s, it may have taken some time to get into Sinatra as the musician and not the caricature. These Essential Downloads will help you explore the work of one of the greatest singers of all time.

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Essential Downloads: The Beach Boys

Sure these songs are part of our collective musical consciousness, but don’t let that stop you from digging in and enjoying their beauty and majesty. You just have to scratch through the over-playing to get to the essence. Hit the record store when you’re ready to dive in, but in the meantime, these are 10 Essential Downloads to get you started.

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Essential Downloads - Jazz Greats, Part 2 - The Piano Players

The piano is the quintessential jazz instrument, but it is also the hardest instrument to record properly, and since we are going to be focusing on older recordings, don’t expect a lot of audiophile-level listings here. But just because a song is not recorded to today’s standards by no means it should be ignored.

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