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Tag 'Pink Floyd'
The Power To Miss Nothing, Part 2

The Power To Miss Nothin, Part 2: Real music reaches your two separate ears from separate places in time and space allowing your brain to carry you away to another dimension. Try that with a little Bluetooth speaker on a shelf in your room. It may be unobtrusive but it ain’t gonna change your life.

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Did You Hear That? Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here

Surrounded by myth, there are a few interesting details of the recording of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here that make the album as fun to listen to today as when it was first released.

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Essential Downloads: Pink Floyd

You should probably have a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon in some format in your library, but Floyd has an incredibly vast discography of excellent sounding songs beyond that 1974 landmark record. So for this week’s Essential Downloads we’re going to look at Pink Floyd beyond the Dark Side of the Moon.

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