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Why You Need A Phono Pre-Amp

The resurgence in interest in vinyl in the mid-twenty-teens is here to stay. Maybe vinyl isn’t going to continue to grow substantially in popularity, but it is here to stay. And with that there are some old-school technical problems that are suddenly back and annoying us all.

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Recommended Amplifier Power

Understanding the Specs: Recommended Amplifier Power tells us the minimum needed to move the voice coil and the maximum allowable power before over-excursion occurs. But there is more to this spec than meets the eye.

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Damping Factor Explained

Damping Factor is an important - and often misunderstood - amplifier spec that most definitely affects the sound of your audio system.

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The KF92 Subwoofer Goes to Eleven

We've packed a lot of technology and innovation into our new KF92 Subwoofer, and the result is a beautiful piece of gear that can easily pressurize a room all the way down to 11 Hertz. 

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Solid State vs. Vacuum Tube Amps - A Quick Look At the Differences

One is not better than the other, they simply approach the same job differently, and it’s important to know the differences so you can make your best choice when purchasing your next hi-fi amp.

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Muscle Shoals and the Swampers

A couple hours south of Nashville in a small town along the banks of the Tennessee River, two forces helped change the musical landscape of the 60s and 70s. This is the story of Muscle Shoals.

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