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Introducing LSX

KEF Introduces LSX Active Music System.

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LS50W: Five Ways to Connect – A Million Ways to Enjoy

Since its release last winter, the LS50W Active Music has set the audio world on fire with it goose-bump-inducing soundstage and sonic capabilities, but the LS50W is now an even more powerful and flexible active music system.

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KEF + Roon

KEF announces LS50W compatibility with our parnership with Roon, truly giving music lovers the best of both worlds.

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Open Your Soundstage Up With LS50W Phase Correction

Grab a song you’re really familiar with and play around a bit with the phase correction. What you’ll hear with the phase correction engaged is a sharpness to the mids and highs (we dare not say hi-def, do we?) but even more stunning is the expansion of the soundstage in all three dimensions. Once you lock onto the difference you will actually be able to hear the soundstage of your favorite music with not only height and width, but with depth as well.

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Introduction to the LS50W - Part 1

KEF has recently begun shipping the LS50W Active Music System: a product we are really proud of because of what it does and how it does it. The LS50W is more than just a powered speaker, and it’s more than just a wireless speaker – it’s an entire music system designed for the many ways people listen to music

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