A fixture on the rock and roll scene since his acclaimed performances in Beatlemania as Paul McCartney through today's uber popular Summer of Love Glen Burtnikand British Invasion live shows, with a whole lot of success in between, Glen Burtnik is one of those musicians that keeps the machinery of music running at at its prime.

He sat down with us in the Listening Room for a fun conversation about recording at Abbey Road from the perspective of a Beatles fan, life on the road and where his rock and roll heart is at right now. 


In This Episode:

  • &#8226 Recording at Abbey Road
  • &#8226 Carrying on the traditions of the Britsh Invasion
  • &#8226 Making records with old and new technologies
  • &#8226 Mono vs Stereo from a musician's perspective
  • &#8226 The Summer of Love and the British Invasion




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