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The Dreaded Earworm - And Why Songs Get Stuck In Your Head

Got a song stuck in your head? Read this. It won't make the song go away (well, it actually might), but it'll at least make you feel less lonely.

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Did You Hear That? The Kingsmen - Louie, Louie

Scandal! Profanity! Sexual innuendo! A 31-month FBI investigation! All for a 2:45 song recorded with one microphone for $50.

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An Audio Awakening With the Palma Violets

A story about how one music lover's music was trapped inside inferior playback equipment until, after hundreds of plays, she actually heard her favorite music for the first time.

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Did You Hear That? The Who - Eminence Front

Grab an original mix of the Who's 1982 single and hear what a singer sounds like when they're not really all that into the material.

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Why You Think Today's Music Sucks

Although you're pretty sure today's music sucks, it doesn't - you just think it does. Here's why...

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How Loud Is Too Loud?

We’re fans of great sounding music and movies, but mostly we’re fans of all of you music and movie lovers out there, so protect your ability to enjoy the things you love by protecting your ears. Keep noise levels to a minimum by using only quality gear, and keep volume levels safe.

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